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April 09, 2014 by

Our patients will come in with a concern over pain that has manifested somewhere on the body, and are looking for someone to give them an examination and figure out what exactly is causing the issue. 

Below we list the top eight complaints we see, and a brief overview of the cause. Dr. Benton will do an individual exam to determine whether your pain stems from something Chiropractic can treat, or if you need to be referred somewhere else. We’re dedicated to bringing you back to Total Wellness and not giving you therapy that isn’t helpful!


Low back pain and Sciatica
Low back pain is the most common condition we see and treat. A lot of our new patients will come in complaining of soreness or pain that is exacerbated by normal activities like bending over, picking up a child, loading dishwashers. These mundane things can turn into bigger problems due to repetitive irritation to the lower back.

Neck pain and stiffness
Our second most common complaint is neck pain or stiffness. Improper posture, sleeping positions, being stuck at a desk all day. These are all potential causes for neck pain and we treat the misalignment that is causing extra stress on the supporting and surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Reoccuring headaches can be a symptom of damaged or irritated nerves in the neck from poor alignment and posture. We can help identify if this is true for your particular case or not.

Arm and Leg pain, numbness, tingling and weakness
Symptoms of this nature are abnormal. Possible causes can be impingement of the spinal nerves due to restricted or misaligned bones of the spine. Pressure on nerves that travel to your extremities can cause the tingling or numbness that you experience.

Arthritis can be the result of many different conditions. Chiropractic can help if we determine that the spine is misaligned, and areas that don't move properly, called restrictions, cause a decreased range of motion in the spinal joints.  Decreased range of motion and tight muscles can cause Arthritis like symptoms.

Fibromyalgia and muscle pain

We see cases of Fibromyalgia, which causes the muscles to continually tighten and cramp up, which in turn results in the spine losing its ability to move around properly. This can lead to a cycle of more muscle restriction, and result in more pain. Chiropractic can alleviate and in some cases eliminate pain due to Fibromyalgia.

Pinched Nerves and muscle spasms
Some of our patients come in complaining of muscle spasms in different areas of the body. There are many different types of muscle spasms, and we can help determine what you’re experiencing. They commonly occur from being over worked, dehydration, or some sort of injury.

Shoulder and arm pain
Many of our patients who come in complaining about shoulder pain are due to irritation of the muscles in the neck and upper back. This can irritate joints and cause inflammation, and turn into increased shoulder pain, and decreased range of motion in your shoulders and arms.


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